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Our Staff

The staff at Valley Family Center consists of Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists (LMFTs) as well as interns and trainees under licensed supervision who provide therapy to clients. Credentialed teachers and professionally trained group facilitators and staff provide the remaining services at the Center. Many of staff are bilingual and programs are provided in English and Spanish to meet the linguistic needs of our clients.

Management Team:

Gary Bessler, Executive Director
Lorena Villalba, LMFT, Clinical Supervisor
Mary Henriques, MPH, Development Director
Irma Hererra, Bookkeeper
Pia Siegman, Intake Coordinator
Sister Carmel Somers, M.ED., Learning Center Director

Our Counseling Staff

page5-img1The Valley Family Center counseling staff is comprised of psychologists, licensed marriage and family therapists (LMFTs), and MFT interns and trainees. The training and areas of expertise for the clinical staff vary, yet are consistent with the training and approaches generally utilized in the fields of clinical and counseling psychology. The staff at Valley Family Centers are experts in using different counseling approaches to assist our clients with a variety of concerns. This page will provide you a little more information about our staff as people, because this can sometimes help clients feel more comfortable coming to the Center.

Meet Our Staff


Gary Bessler

Executive Director

“I’m honored to be working with so many talented and dedicated people”

PiaPia Siegman
Program Coordinator

“I would like to make a difference in people’s lives, one person at a time.”

Lorena Tercero-Villalba
LMFT Therapist & Clinical Supervisor

“It is a privilege to work at VFC and help others by providing adequate tools for positive change”

Crystal German
MFT Intern Therapist

“It’s an honor to partake in my clients’ journey to self-awareness.”

Grace Gaines

MFT Trainee

Griselda Garcia
MFT Intern Therapist

“I am humbled by the opportunity to help others. I can only aspire to be of service to help VFC clients discover their potential for growth. It takes courage to make a change and it takes strength to take the first step. Please take that first step.”

Viki Goodman

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

“I am humbled to help our clients learn to uncover the personal strengths they have always possessed.”

Joel German
Anger Management Group Facilitator

“Hope is the fuel of the future.”

Mary H. Henriques, MPH
Development Director

“I love to see courageous people walk in the doors each day, ready to transform their lives.”

Claudia Hernandez
Office Manager

” The best part about working at Valley Family Center is seeing the growth in our clients, and that is thanks to the tools that are provided to them by our team.”

Sr. Carmel Somers
Learning Center Director

“Valley Family Center is a place of love, kindness, generosity, and care”

Andrea Dubon-Altamirano
MFT Intern Therapist

Louanna Fonnegra
MFT Intern Therapist

“Having a specialization in Latino Families, I feel privileged to be part of an amazing non-profit organization that provides mental health and educational services to the Latino community. It very important to understand the struggles of Latino families.”

sampleBob Bradley

Domestic Violence Perpetrators

Group Facilitator

Aimee Stubblefield
Development Associate

“Everyone who walks through the doors at Valley Family Center is treated with dignity and respect.”

Irma Herrera

“My heart fills with joy to see with what happiness children come to the Center.”

sampleJames Encinas
Domestic Violence Perpetrators

Group Facilitator

Linda Gonzales

MFT Intern

Kristin Townsend

MFT Intern

Jennifer Kahl

MFT Intern