We offer counseling for individuals, groups and familes.

We Offer a Wide Variety of Court Approved Programs

page1-img5Services at Valley Family Center include individual, couples, family and group counseling, as well as counseling for specific issues pertaining to child abuse, separation and loss, depression and anxiety. Valley Family Center also provides a variety of other groups and services throughout the course of the year in response to different needs that may arise in the community. In the past, this has included support group for bereavement issues, for single fathers, adults abused as children, couples communication groups, male victims of domestic violence and adolescents survivors of abuse. Parent Education classes and the Learning Center After School Tutoring Program are available as well. Please feel free to call us and make an appointment and let us find the best way to help you.  Services at Valley Family Center are Court Approved.

Counseling Services

Individual Therapy
individualtherapyIndividual counseling is a place where your fears, doubts, anger, sadness, hopes, dreams and disappointments can be explored confidentially and without shame.

Couples Therapy
couple therapyIn counseling, the couple explores the dynamics of conflict, betrayal, disappointment, despair, confusion and lack of understanding/ communication found in struggling relationships.

Family Therapy
familytherapyValley Family Center provides therapy for families, including parents, adult children and siblings. Family Counseling focuses on meeting the needs of a family unit by looking at the individual relationships within the family.

Child Play Therapy
childplayPlay therapy focuses on using therapeutic techniques of play to help children prevent or resolve psychological difficulties. Play therapy adheres to a foundational principle that children use play as a means of communication.

Adolescent Counseling
adolescentcounselAdolescence is a time to explore who you are, to develop friendships and to prepare for making childhood dreams for your future come true.


Art Therapy


Group Services

Group Counseling

Group Counseling focuses on meeting individual needs and goals in a setting with multiple clients at once. Group counseling has many benefits including: having social support, relating to other people, recognizing that one is not alone, minimizing financial payment, and seeing what has or has not worked for others.
Group counseling empowers many individuals with a common concern to express their problems, identify obstacles to overcoming these, and develop a plan for success.
These groups provide interaction with other people experiencing the same concerns, but in a therapeutic environment, with a professional acting as a mediator.

Survivors of Domestic Abuse

Support Groups for Women, Children and Adolescents

Services for survivors’ of abuse have also expanded considerably and include case management, support groups, and individual therapy for women and their young children and adolescents who are attempting to heal past wounds and make a new start in their lives.

The Center provides a secure place where the clients can process, explore, and define past abusive relationships; therefore, they will gain tools and methods to establish a stable environment for themselves and their families. The Center encourages the clients to evaluate their own personal needs, to which then they are supported to discover their independence, communal potential, and finally their TRUE SELF.

Sexual Abuse Awareness for Non-Offending Parents

The focus of this group is to provide therapy and support to the non-offending parent who has experienced sexual abuse to their child. The group provides therapy and education regarding sexual abuse behaviors, offender dynamics, and grief and family dynamics specific to sexual abuse. A significant factor in this group is to help the parent learn safety planning and red flags.
Following a fourteen-week curriculum, non-offending parents participate in group therapy to better understand their role in their child’s recovery from sexual abuse as well as counseling to help them process their own feelings and experiences.

  • Provides a safe environment for the discussion of sexual abuse and its repercussions.
  • Promotes awareness of the pattern, cycles, beliefs and behaviors associated with sexual abuse.
  • Develops the self-awareness and self-esteem necessary for safe, healthy, trusting family relationships.

Domestic Violence Perpetrators Group

angermanagementsupportThe Valley Family Center maintains one of the largest programs in the San Fernando Valley for perpetrators of domestic violence with 7 management groups for both men and women held each week. Clients learn to manage anger in relationships, and at work as well as road rage and other challenges.

Educational Services

Parent Education

Parent Education classes provide parents with information and skills on how to be a great parent. Topics include child development through the various ages and stages of growth, positive discipline and communication skills. Parents can attend for 16, 26 or 52 weeks.

The Learning Center

The Learning Center serves elementary school aged children who are struggling in school academically. Many children who attend the Learning Center are also dealing with bullying, lack of support and other challenges. At the Learning Center, they receive individual and small group tutoring to build strong foundational skills.

Special Services

Valley Family Center provides trained staff to make presentations on a variety of topics to schools, businesses, senior citizens centers, parks and recreation centers, etc. Topics include:

  • Domestic violence—identifying, reporting, resources for perpetrators and victims
  • Techniques for dealing with post-traumatic stress
  • Child abuse—recognizing, reporting and resources for victims
  • Parent education presentations and tips for positive discipline techniques

We can also provide information for Health Fairs. For more information or to request a special presentation topic, please call Gary Bessler at 818-365-8588.

“We are so thankful and grateful to come to the Center with our marriage challenge. We feel we have learned a lot from each other and grown a lot during our sessions. It has really helped us develop a more hope filled outlook”.

~Couple who received marital therapy at Valley Family Center

Services at Valley Family Center are Court Approved

Making an Appointment

  • An appointment is made by telephoning (818) 365-8588 or coming by the Center.
  • Valley Family Center is open Monday – Thursday, 9:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. and Friday from 9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. Counseling is by appointment only.
  • Every effort will be made to schedule an appointment at the earliest time available and at the client’s convenience.
  • Clients are asked to call 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment time if they are unable to keep their appointment.
  • A staff member will ask you for some basic information and a brief description of your needs in order to select the most appropriate therapist to help you.